Tuesday, October 19, 2010

everything's a mystery...

Today was a gray and rainy day, perfect for having breakfast with a childhood friend and thrift store shopping afterward. Like usual, we hit up my favorite local place and of course, I couldn't get my mind away from the book section and promptly headed in that direction. Today I brought home two books. Another hardback, The Mystery of the Musical Ghost by John and Nancy Rambeau (part of the Morgan Bay Mysteries) and illustrated by Joseph Maniscalco from 1965 and The Curse of Ravenscourt, A Samantha Mystery (part of The American Girl Mysteries) by Sarah Masters Buckey. With it being October and Natalie getting older, she is showing more of an interest in 'scary' books which I take it to mean books that are slightly scary with a lot of mystery to them. I believe these new additions will fit perfectly into that aesthetic.

2010-10-19 13.54.49_Whittier_California_US

2010-10-19 13.55.09_La Mirada_California_US

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