Wednesday, May 26, 2010

a book wizard's wish list

We are lovers of Harry Potter, of books and of Etsy! Here, I combine a wish list (from Etsy!) that I would love for my girl and I...

A bookbag worthy for all magical texts and notebooks--Snow Owl (hedwig) book bag by Atlantis804 (see also the silver lightening bolt bag and gold bolt as well).

Finally a Bookbag that Actually Protects Your Books, Snow Owl (Hedwig) etsy

Speaking of notebooks, here are a few from Celeste Frittata's line:

NEW LINE - three magical Notebooks
My favorites are Herbology, Astronomy and Care of Magical Creatures. She also carries stationery for Owl Posts and The Daily Prophet.

You may want to curl up with a nice hot cup of tea as you read. Knitstorm can help your tea stay 'cozy' with her tea cozies! A few favorites:

Tea Cozy - Knitted with Hanging Tea Bag

Lovely Cup of Tea Mug Cozy - Crocheted Organic Cotton

Tea Love Mug Cozy

Books are not complete with adorable bookmarks to save your place. It doesn't get much cuter than this owl bookmark by Blue Eyed Night Owl's (she also has other adorable bookmarks too)!

Owl Bookmark Brown with Golden Buttons can also hold your book together elastic

Or you can use a cute green crystal bookmark with an owl from Motherrap's shop.

Harry Potter Bookmark-Owl and star with crystal (green)

Sometimes we can get so engrossed with reading that we want to make sure we are nice and comfy. This owl silhouette pillow from Under The Pyramids can help.

Owl Silhouette, cushion cover (charcoal)

And while you are comfy, why not have some snacks in cute reusable snack pouches on hand

Green Spotted Owl Eco Friendly Reusable Handmade Snack Bag
The Green Spotted Owl Eco Friendy Handmade Reusable snack bag by SackSavers and the Blue Spotted snack bag also.

Blue Spotted Owl Eco Friendly Reusable Handmade Snack Bag

If you need an eco friendly bag for when you are purchasing all your reading goods, this Maurader's canvas tote bag from Evietees may come in handy.

Marauder's Red Canvas Tote

Or you can use this flying barn owl bag from Happy Family

SALE Flying Barn Owl Retro Night Black and White Illustration Print Natural Tan Canvas Reusable Grocery or Book Tote Bag

Of course I know there are a ton of other themes I could use derived from the Harry Potter world but I'm partial to owls (as if you couldn't guess). I'll keep my eye out for more things a book wizard could use :)
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