Friday, May 8, 2009

the stone and the feather

last night, while driving home, we began a story:

once there was a father who had a little girl named natalie. she loved to play in the house all day and in the evenings, go outside to play hopscotch. one day she went out to the woods and found a stone. she picked it up and took it home. the next day, she went to the woods again and found a feather. this too, she picked up and took home. she went to her discovery box the following day to look at these things she had found and realized that the stone had a diamond on it with a star within. the feather too, was also extraordinary because it was a heart shaped feather, a very rare thing indeed. natalie saw that these were very special items she had collected and went immediately to show her father...

from here, the story went back and forth and all over the place. i'll have to colloraborate again with natalie to see where to story goes... :)

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